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Why You Should Choose Joella Bates Archery

Over the last 33 years, I have traveled to every state in the US and numerous other countries, either hunting, competing or teaching others the sport of archery. I am certain that I can help you take your or your team's shooting skills to a higher level. Whether you need personal archery lessons, archery coaching, or would like to set up a JoCamps Archery Bootcamp at your school or in your community, I'll be more than happy to work with you to make it happen.

Here's what others are saying...
"Joella Bates is an amazing coach and person. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of the sport truly make her the best. As a coach, I have a newfound love for archery and a new excitement for passing that love on to the next generation to promote ethical conservation and sportsmanship. I can’t wait to see what the upcoming season brings in competition!"

- Aleth Rogers

"This was one of the best experiences I have had. Joella is amazing (my daughter's words). There is a HUGE amount of information and technique to take from this camp. Joella can help both the inexperienced and experienced Archer in ways that will boggle the mind. My daughter who had already won the state NASP championship came away from Jocamps with an amazing amount. She will be hard to beat this coming year.
As an archery coach, she helped me find where I could make massive improvements to my approach. I have also watched her achieve amazing results with both beginner and experienced archers. So I find myself a little in awe not only as a parent but also as a coach."

-Jeff S

"Joella visited my high school in Cedar Hill, what feels like 100 years ago lol. But she did an exhibition at the school & we were able to shoot alongside her. I was the only person (& female whoo-hoo) that was able to make every shot she made. She found my mom that worked at the school & told her to make sure I kept shooting. She inspired me to keep it up which I did for a while. After high school, I married a military man & wasn't able to shoot for a while due to getting pregnant right away and moving to Germany for 3 years. But now that my kids are older I'm going to make it a mom & her boys' family time to attend Joella's archery program. Keeping them off the video games and computers. Getting them outdoors and doing something we all love! Thank you Joella for your inspiring words to me in high school, archery is something I've always loved & I got to pass the love of it down to my boys!"

- Dawna W.

"The JoCamps are Awesome!
I am an Archery Coach for a small school team.
Joella Bates came and did a camp for our kids and a coaches clinic. She is a great coach and an amazing person. She taught the kids so much about archery and shooting properly. I know her camps work because I had kids stand on the S3DA podium in all three National shoots and also had three kids make the podium for National S3DA Shooter of the Year. Joella, you are a wonderful Coach. Thank you!"

-Jodi S.